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SCHOONHUID was created to celebrate and enhance true beauty. SCHOONHUID tells a story to inspire and motivate people to go on a path of self-discovery, self-love and self-care. To truly find what natural beauty (Schoonhuid) means and to fully embrace and celebrate it.

The core essence of SCHOONHUID is to start an awakening of discovering one’s own self-love and self-care through handmade natural products that not only enhance outer beauty but celebrate who we are from within. SCHOONHUID wants to inspire, empower and celebrate people for who they are and embrace their uniqueness.

All of SCHOONHUID'S raw ingredients are sourced locally - some with an international origin - but their reputable suppliers ensure the highest quality in all the raw ingredients.


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  • Schoonhuid Groot Karoo Bath Milk
    Schoonhuid Groot Karoo Bath Milk
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