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"Funky Ouma" is the result of a very funky ouma of 10 grandchildren who has been playing around with food and spices all her life. At 67, she decided to start her own brand together with her youngest daughter Johannita Eksteen.

Funky Ouma offers wonderful farm fresh herb-filled salts and spices, using natural, course Himalayan Salt from Walvis Bay and the Himalayas. This salt is ideal for cooking, braaiing, marinating, baking bread, or even just as table salt. It’s a tastier, healthier and more natural substitute for your everyday salts and spices.

Funky Ouma offers a variety of salts, all packed in grinders, tins or travel tins. All mixtures are filled with quality, naturally homegrown herbs e.g rosemary, oregano, and other natural ingredients such as onion flakes, sweet peppers, dried chilies, lemon zest, black and exotic green and red peppercorns, and coriander.

Since its inception, Funky Ouma has steadily grown its product range, starting with their delicious herb-filled salts & spices and expanding to include other products such as coffee, extra-virgin olive oil, gift boxes, etc. Their commitment to quality and taste remains as strong as ever, and they continue to source only the finest ingredients for their products. 

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