Thandana 3ply Face  Mask - Red Rudolph

Thandana 3ply Face Mask - Red Rudolph

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Curved Mouth Piece:

  • 3 ply standard layers
  • Outer layer is breathable fabric print
  • Middle layer is breathable thin fibre 
  • Inner mouth layer is breathable fibre 
  • 6mm elastic ear piece

Small - H14cm (throat to top nose) x L17cm (left to right across nose) 

Medium - H15cm (throat to top nose) x L24cm (left to right across nose) 

Large - H16cm (throat to top nose) x L26cm (left to right across nose) 

X-Large - H18cm (throat to top nose) x L28cm (left to right across nose) 

Wash instructions: After use handwash mask in disinfectant soap and hot water. DO NOT USE WASHING MACHINE. 

NB: Masks are not a solve-all solution in the fight against COVID-19 virus and should never be used in isolation of basic good hygiene considerations. There are strictly no returns or refunds due to hygiene and health safety reasons.